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At Wrangell Mountain Homestead we hope to have the answer for you, a rural and secluded location surrounded by mountains and trees, in the small tight-knit community of Kenny Lake, Alaska. Hand built log cabins from the trees of Tok, hand crafted by the pioneers of this Homestead, for a private experience. As well as a multitude of rooms and lodgings in a shared space to experience the stories and adventures of strangers who would be friends. 

We welcome you to put your worries aside as the outside world seems like a distant memory. With hot running water, electricity, warm beds and paths to explore what better way to rest and recharge than to connect with nature. Our vintage Homestead allows you to step back in time and delve into the unique experience that is one of Alaska’s greatest kept secrets. Who needs a hotel when you have an entire adventure waiting for you? 

What makes a good adventure?

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