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It only takes a weekend to make memories that last a lifetime

Wrangell Mountain Homestead was built in the early 1970’s, using the lumber from the sawmill on the property. Log by log they created homes, a community, farms, and sustainable independence for many families over four generations. Great care and admiration were placed into the walls of the cabins and buildings, and it shows with the craftsmanship that is throughout the farm itself.


Due to old age the original Homesteaders had to leave it, and over time it endured years of weathering and inattention. Many buildings succumbed to damage without the constant care of those who built it, yet the love hidden in the cracks and seams of these old homes never did.


Our family purchased Wrangell Mountain Homestead the summer months of 2021, not only did we receive the keys to the property, but also the incredible responsibility that came with it – a promise.


A promise not only to the land but to the people who put so many generations and years into it. We would restore it to its former glory, while keeping it as close to its original state as possible. There is a magic to this piece of land, dappled with homes created by the hands of those who came before us. This is an experience you won't find anywhere else, and as time goes on the appreciation and devotion we put into it will show. We hope you too will experience the same delight and enchantment as we do when you step onto Wrangell Mountain Homestead.

This expansive farm surrounded by woodland marvel welcomes you to put your worries aside as the outside world seems like a distant memory. With hot running water, electricity, wifi, warm beds and paths to explore, what better way to rest and recharge than to connect with nature?

BBQ Area
& Fire Pit
running water
(Coming Soon) Outdoor Hot-tub

"My biggest regret is I did not book in more days - one of the best places I have stayed in Alaska - views to die for and wonderfully welcoming hosts. This one exceeded my expectations and they delivered more than they promised not something I can say about everywhere I have stayed in the State." - David via Airbnb


"Ellyn was such a wonderful and gracious host! The place was easy to find thanks to her detailed directions, the home itself is beautiful and clean, and the view…incredible!! We only stayed one night while passing through the area, but we would definitely stay again. Thank you!!" - Kelsie via Airbnb

"Wow, truly unique destination in the middle of one of the most beautiful areas in the U.S. Pictures don't do it justice. Our hosts were gracious and welcoming. The friendly dogs made us miss ours at home! The room was spotless and the bed was perfect. The shower was hot and water pressure was excellent. Looking forward to our next visit." - Robert via Airbnb



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